About Florauna Studios

What is Florauna Studios?

Florauna Studios LLC is the foremost purveyor of quality fine art, home decor, and fashionwear, inspired by the vibrant beauty of the natural world. Our designs are captured in either our Phoenix, AZ based aquaculture facility, aquarium stores, trade shows, or public institutions across the country.

The name Florauna Studios comes from the latin words /flora/ and /fauna/. They were chosen based on founder Lorenzo Johnson’s passion for coral, in which, have the unique attribute of being an animal (fauna), hosting fluorescent algae (flora), that give them their iconic color.

Fluorescence With a Purpose

Florauna Studios was founded to highlight the fluorescence (light) and florescence (flowering) of the natural world illuminating the beauty of, and igniting conversations around preserving one of the world’s most delicate ecosystems; our coral reefs.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to marine life education or wildlife preservation focused organizations.

Our Principles

We've created a customer centered shopping experience that makes it simple to find products that fit your home and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on products that are bold, sustainably-sourced, and high-quality.

Our company is built on three core principles:

1. Meticulous Design: Each design is carefully crafted to ensure utmost quality

2. Nature-Focused: We aim towards the artistic representation, preservation of, and increased exposure to the world's flora and fauna

3. World-Class Products & Service: We will do our best ensure sure 100% product satisfaction and a pleasant shopping experience. 

We're glad you've found your way to our online store. We hope you'll be back often and spread the word to all your friends! Shop with us today and see the Florauna Studios difference.

Our Founder

Meet Lorenzo Johnson, Florauna Studios' Founder, Photographer, and Chief Designer. A native of SE Michigan, Lorenzo's aquarium career began at the age of 14 working at the place where Lorenzo's passion blossomed, The Fish Doctors (Ypsilanti, MI). There, he learned the requisite aquaculture and husbandry skills that would foster a lifelong passion. Lorenzo began professionally consulting and managing large-scale commercial and residential aquarium installations at the age of 16.

Lorenzo attended the University of Arizona('19), studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law, joining the school's wrestling team and leading on campus as Student Body Vice President. He maintained his passion for aquariums and their inhabitants, working as Shark Reef's (Tucson, AZ) first employee. During his final year at the University of Arizona ('19), Lorenzo studied under Curator Howard Byrnes at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum serving as the Department of Herpetology, Ichthyology, and Invertebrate Zoology Intern and supporting the aquatic systems.

Check out this video about Lorenzo's time at the University of Arizona.

Upon graduation, Lorenzo went on to serve in the inaugural cohort of Lead For America's Hometown Fellowship. Studying at Lead For America's Catalyst Institute in partnership with Tufts, Harvard, and Georgetown Universities, Lorenzo was equipped with the tools for community-based changemaking prior to his return to SE Michigan. Lorenzo served in the City of Detroit Mayor's Office as Lead Project Manager for the COO's departmental portfolio. In Detroit, to address a widespan of issues from working with the MI Secretary of State's office on driver's license access to COVID-19 testing and food distribution.

Lorenzo is a self-taught photographer, having picked up the passion during the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine. You can find Lorenzo and his Canon SL3 shooting public/private aquariums, trade shows, and aquaculture facilities across the United States.

A current Phoenix resident, Lorenzo most recently worked with Limited Edition Corals (Phoenix, AZ). Lorenzo is currently studying as a Powell Scholar for Social Impact at the Quantic School of Business and Technology to receive his Master’s of Business Administration. When not caring for corals, Lorenzo is a devoted father to his 4-year-old son Carter.