Florauna Studios Art & Design Feature Predominantly Marine Organisms Known As Coral. But Why?

What is Coral?

When you hear the word coral, you most likely think of coral reefs. And you’d be exactly right. A coral reef is made up of individual animals called coral. Just like other animals, a coral has a hard skeleton and soft flesh. The hard skeleton is made of limestone which is secreted by the soft flesh called a polyp. 

In the same way that there are multiple species of other animals, there are also multiple species of coral. Different species settle next to each other and create long, large structures known as coral reefs. 

Corals are the backbones marine ecosystems like this one➡️

Why Coral Matters?

Coral and the reefs that are created by coral are more important than they might seem,  both to people and to ocean life. 

About 25% of marine animals live in and around coral reefs, using reefs for food, as habitats, and for protection. Around half a billion people also rely on reefs for food, income, and protection.

Coral provides an estimated $3.4 Billion to the U.S. economy each year. In addition to providing jobs through tourism and fisheries, coral also protects 200 million people a year from natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, and other storms.  

⬅️ Coral Reefs Protect Coastal Communities From the Oceans Destructive Waves

What Is Happening To Coral?

It is clear that coral plays an extremely important role in the world. Even so, coral is in trouble. 

The ocean is getting warmer and more acidic due to climate change and the increased amount of carbon dioxide being released into the environment. This warmer, more acidic environment does not allow corals to survive. As corals die, entire reefs are in danger of dying, no longer allowing them to support and protect marine and human life. 

Rising temperatures and acidification are not the only issue facing our oceans. Many kinds of human pollution like oil spills, waste run-off, plastic pollution, garbage pollution, and noise pollution pose great threats to oceans and ocean life. 

Reef Devastation if not mitigated will result in more scenes like this one ➡️

Increasing Your Impact

We did it. We can say that we know what coral is and why it matters. We can say that we have a simple understanding of what is happening to coral. The final question is “what do we do about it?” 

Well, the first step in solving any problem is to know that there is a problem. Florauna Studios is here to help all of us begin a daily practice of awareness around all that makes the world, and each one of us, beautiful. Florauna Studios is all about creating an awareness of the beauty and threats facing the world’s marine life, especially coral. 

How can join us? Check out the links below to learn more and get involved! 

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⬅️ Mariculture projects like this one have the potential to aid in the restoration of these precious habitats